Golding RingSpindles™ are enjoyed by spindlers worldwide for their precision balance, exceptionally long spin time, and extensive variety of artistic designs. We offer a variety of handcarved, handpainted, and solid wood whorls to choose from. A notched whorl, fluted shaft, and hand-bent Swan's neck hook, are features designed to further enhance your enjoyment of spindling.

High (top) whorl/Low (bottom) whorl

Originally we designed our spindles as a high whorl that a spinner could convert to a low whorl. All Golding spindles are now being made and sold as a high whorl spindle that cannot be converted. No longer will there be a groove on the shaft for a half-hitch. However, upon your request, we will custom make a low whorl spindle at no additional charge. Just let us know.

Why the RING?

What truly sets a Golding RingSpindle apart is the innovative bronze alloy ring that encases the whorl. Depending on the model, as much as 67% of the weight of the entire tool (shaft and whorl) is located on the outermost circumference in the form of a bronze ring. The weight at this location maximizes the stored energy during the spinning and increases spin time. Whether you like to spin at fast or slow speeds the duration of the spin will be longer.


Golding RingSpindles are available in 4 models based on the diameter of the whorl. Weights range from 0.4 oz to 2.6 oz., allowing cobweb to bulky weight yarns to be spun.

2" Models lightweight 0.4 oz to 1.0 oz
2 3/4" Models medium weight 1.3 oz to 1.7 oz
3" Models heavy weight 1.9 oz to 2.6 oz
3 ½" Models heavy weight 1.9 oz to 2.3 oz

(Our special collection of Vintage and Decorative RingSpindles also have a wide range of weights, but their weights do not necessarily fall within the weight categories listed above.)