Weaving Accessories

Our weaving accessories include a low castle tray, weaving benches (that match the looms), a Bobbin Winder, weaving shuttles and a Ball Winder.

Lowcastle Tray

(as seen on "Swan Lake" Floor Loom)

  • Easy to reach see through tray
  • Handcarved
  • Harness rides up between two trays

Bobbin Winder


$15.00 for shipping costs.  Phone to place order.

  • Attractive Black Walnut
  • Portable (No Clamps)
  • Sturdy Weighted Base
  • Holds up to 16 Bobbins
  • Easy to use Thread Cutter
  • High Ratio 13:1
  • 6 Ball Bearings for sensitive control going fast or slow
  • Extra Drive Belt and Wrench stored in base

      Weaving Shuttles

      • Slim design, 11 3/8" long
      • Fits most 4" Bobbins
      Cherry Weaving Shuttle $49
      Walnut Weaving Shuttle $49