Knitters Pride

Welcome to Knitter's Pride, maker of unique and innovative needles and hooks. We're delighted to carry this company's beautiful dreamz color coded wood needles, wonderfully smooth NOVA needles of nickel plated brass, square shaped easy on the hands CUBIC, high-tech carbon fiber KARBONZ needles, and their Bamboo needles made from the finest Japanese bamboo.

Within these lines we offer a variety of interchangeable circular needle sets, single pointed needle sets, double pointed needle sets, and dreamz crochet hook sets.

The Knitter's Pride accessories include IC spare cords, IC Needle Racks, needle size markers, pattern holders, stitch holders, cable needles, and needle gauges.

And if you are looking for the perfect gift, there are "Speciality Sets"- the Rose Wood Deluxe Circular Interchangeable Set in a Leatherette Box, and the Rose Wood Crochet Hook Set of 8 hooks with Swarovski Crystals.